Meridian tapping Techniques for health and immune boost

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Meridian tapping helps body and mind connection   Stimulating the meridian points through  tapping can reduce physical tension and emotional stress,  relieve your stagnant energy,  and strength body resistant.   In TCM, we believe it promotes qi and blood, unblock stagnation in the channel and collaterals, expel pathogen and tonify vital qi.

  1. Rub the palms together 36 times, then put your hands over your face and eye area, then “wash” your face with your hands
  2. Repeat step 1 three times
  3. Rub the eyebrow
  4. Rub the both side of inner canthus
  5. Rub the nose bridge
  6. Rub the both outside of nostrils
  7. Rub St7 , ST6 (on the side of your cheek on TMJ joint and biting muscle area)
  8. Rub LI18-SI16 (side of neck–Window of the Sky points)
  9. Pull and rub on ear apex
  10. Pull and rub the middle of auricle
  11. Pull down and rub ear lobe
  12. Rub the lower back
  13. Tapping on the front arms (3 hand yin meridians)
  14. Tapping back of arm (3 hand yang meridian)
  15. Tapping side of leg (food yang meridian)
  16. Tapping inner side of leg 9 times
  17. Tapping on the LI4 (Tiger Mouth) by crossing
  18. Tapping on the Baxie( Eight pathogens) ( Cross tapping, between fingers on webs)
  19. Tapping on the Lung1 (Cloudy Door)
  20. Tapping on Liver 13 (Gate of Hope)
  21. Taping on the Ren22 (Heavenly Rushing)
  22. Tapping on ST25 (Heavenly Pivot) and UB23 (Kidney Hollow) frontside and backside at same time
  23. Tapping on the GB31 (Wind City)
  24. Tapping on the ST31 (surging qi point-The Sea of Water and Grain)
  25. Tapping on GB21 (Shoulder Well) on both side
  26. Tapping on DU14 (Big Bone) with both hands
  27. Tapping on the SJ5 (external door-Lung) on both sides
  28. Tapping on the PC6 (internal door-heart) on both sides
  29. Tapping on LI10 (Arm 3 miles)
  30. Tapping on ST36 (Leg 3 miles)
  31. Shake arms 9 times x 3