Tai Chi Sword

The straight sword is a beautiful ancient weapon first mentioned in China’s oldest written records and deserves a little indulgent aside all to itself, particularly as it is the weapon most associated with Tai Chi and with Daoism in general. The straight sword is a flexible blade that is not able to meet force with force, instead the blade is used to deflect and redirect blows before delivering a slash or stab of its own. This nature of the weapon lends itself naturally to the principles of Tai Chi. It is so hard to master that it is often called the “King of Weapons” and perhaps for that reason was a weapon of choice for famous generals and scholars

The sword represents a symbolic system representing justice and fairness, dignity and honor.  The swordplay is characterized by the balanced body positions and all-around defense and offense techniques.  In sword play, the smooth body movements, the lightning thrusting and dazzling swings, are synchronized into a fluid rhythm.

It is a developmental exercise teaching relaxation and extension of energy. The sword practice can be a tool for developing harmony in one’s mind and body. It is a method for exercising the upper body.

The basic Tai Chi sword movement: 

A: in https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTQyODAzMjg=.html

The following are the names of each movement in Site A :

1. Dian jian: Pointing sword

2. Mo Jian: wipping sword

3. Tuo Jian: left side upper supporting sword

4. Jia Jian: Right side upper supporting sword

5. Sao Jian: Sweeping sword

6. Jie Jian: Checking sword

7. Zha Jian: Pricking sword

8. Tui Jian: Pushing sword

9. Hua Jian: Transforming sword

B: https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjg5NTUwODY4.html

The following are the names of each movement in Site B:

1. Dian Jian: Pointing sword

2. Pi Jian: Chopping sword

3. Shang Ci Jian: Upper stabbing sword

4. Ping Ci Jian: middle stabbing sword

5. Xia Ci Jian: Lower stabbing sword

6. Zhen Liao Jiang: normal upper cutting sword

7. Fan Laio Jian: Reverse upper cutting sword

8. Lan Jian: Blocking sword

9. Mo Jian: wipping sword

10. Jiao Jian: Twisting sword

11: Jia Jian: right side upper lifting sword

12: Dian Jian: Guiding sword

13: Zhan Jain: Cutting sword

14: Sao Jain: Sweeping sword

15: Ti Jian: lifting sword

16: Ya Jian: Pressing sword

17: Jie Jian: checking sword

18: Tuo Jian: left side upper supporting sword

19: Yun Jian: Clouding sword

20: Xiao Jian: upper slicing sword

21: Gua Jian: parrying sword

22:Tui Jian: Pushing sword

Chen Style Tai Chi Straight Sword (Jian) 49 Form

MA Chang https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUJXvPVPSUM

  1. Beginning Posture
  2. Face the Sun
  3. Immortal Pointing the Way
  4. Green Dragon Flies Out of Water
  5. Protecting the Knee
  6. Closing the Gate
  7. Green Dragon Flies Out of Water
  8. Turn Body and Chop with Sword
  9. Green Dragon Turns Its Body
  10. Diagonal Flying
  11. Open Wings and Bow Head
  12. Beat Grass to Find Snake
  13. Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg
  14. Immortal Pointing the Way
  15. Cover and Pull Back
  16. Twisted Roots of Ancient Tree
  17. Hungry Tiger Pounces on Prey
  18. Green Dragon Swings Its Tail
  19. Backward Arm Circling
  20. Wild Horse Leaping Ravine
  21. White Snake Spits Out
  22. Black Dragon Swings Tail
  23. Zhong Kui Holds the Sword
  24. Luohan Subduing Dragon
  25. Black Bear Turns Backward
  26. Swallow Pecks the Mud
  27. White Snake Spits Out
  28. Diagonal Flying
  29. Hawk and Bear Compete with Intelligence
  30. Swallow Pecks the Mud
  31. Pluck Star and Return It
  32. Scoop Moon from Under Sea
  33. Immortal Pointing the Way
  34. Phoenix Dips Its Head
  35. Swallow Pecks the Mud
  36. White Snake Spits Out
  37. Diagonal Flying
  38. Push Away 1000 lbs Left
  39. Push Away 1000 lbs Right
  40. Swallow Pecks the Mud
  41. White Ape offering Fruit
  42. Falling Flowers
  43. Jab Upward then Downward
  44. Diagonal Flying
  45. Nezha Searching the Sea
  46. Boa Turns Itself Around
  47. Weituo Presents a Pounder
  48. Millstone Turning Sword
  49. Tai Chi Sword Returning to Origin