August 4, 2015

Welcome to My Weekly Tai Chi Class

Chen Style for beginners

Time: Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm
Location: In-Spiraling Movement Arts Gyrotonic Studio
2001 S. Barrington Ave Suite movement
112, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Chen style: The Most Popular Tai Chi Style. This is the most popular and widely practiced tai chi style throughout the world.

Fluid, Slow Movements: The Yang form is typically done with slow, steady movements, which helps you to relax and to feel the flow of energy within their bodies. The movements are large enough to foster a sense of exuberance and freedom.

Focus on internal energetics: By focusing on the slow flow of movements, you gain more awareness of your body. This awareness later extends to feeling the flow of internal energy—the internal power generated by a tai chi practice. You will experience an increased sense of well-being and health.

Health Benefits: Everyone who practices tai chi wins in terms of health benefits. Tai chi is useful for both preventive medicine as well as restoring health after injury or illness.Tai chi not only exercises the muscles, it twists and stretches all parts of the body. This feels like a massage for the internal organs. With all of this twisting and massaging, blood, other fluids and energy can flow better throughout the body.

If the body is already injured, from an accident or a chronic disease, tai chi can help to relieve the pain and symptoms and to speed recovery.

Stress Management Benefits: Through the regular practice of tai chi, one can better deal with stress—whether caused by external factors such as death of a loved one or by one’s own negative thoughts.

Tai chi helps you to be less susceptible to stress. Just as tai chi strengthens one’s immune system, tai chi can strengthen one’s emotional and mental shields.