March 24, 2022

Tai Chi for Health Cultivation with Dr. Hu

Tai Chi for Health Cultivation -Section One

Mondays 5:00-6:00pm (April 4th- June 6th).

Price: $180 for 10 classes; $150 for 10 classes for TCM students

To RSVP: email

Join Dr. Hu to learn basic Tai Chi techniques with a Tai Chi Ruler and Ba Fa Wu Bu.  The workshop is open to all members of the public regardless of level.  Even if you’ve never practiced before, we encourage you to join and try.

What We Will Learn

  1. Tai Chi techniques using a Tai Chi ruler to stabilize movements and build basic foundation for Tai chi routine

  2. Ba Fa Wu Bu: the newest standardized Tai Chi routine to emerge from China for all levels comprising 13 basic Tai Chi movements.


What do you need to prepare:

  1. Loose fitting clothing

  2. Tai Chi ruler: a round wooden stick approx 33-35cm in length and 3.5-4.5cm in diameter (diameter measurement: your hand can hold it with thumb and index finger just touching together; length measurement: your inner arm length when you raise your arm to shoulder height with two palms facing each other). You can get from Home Depot( customize by yourself) or from Amazon or Eliexpress ((they have this one which is on the larger side, 5cm in diameter. They are Ok if you don’t want to get customized one ) 

The Benefits of Tai Chi:

This gentle form of exercise is the perfect activity for any time of life, safely and effectively promoting flexibility, stability, and strength.

  1. Relieves stress and promotes mental well-being

  2. Supports healthy sleep

  3. Alleviates pain

  4. Benefits the immune system

  5. Helps increase muscle strength and tone

  6. Increases flexibility, agility, and stability


The Tai Chi ruler is a great tool to help to learn some basic Tai Chi principles, such as circular motion and silking reeling exercises while maintaining proper body posture and building basic fundamental Tai Chi techniques.

The new routine, Ba Fa Wu Bu (八 法 五步) which means “Eight Techniques, Five Steps”, includes Yang, Chen, and Sun Tai Chi style elements. It is the latest introductory routine introduced by the General Administration of Sport of China in 2018; This newest standardized Tai Chi routine to emerge from China is gaining popularity around the world for training and practice.

Ba Fa Wu Bu is a general basic routine but also very centered and balanced. Simple enough for the beginner level but built on a foundation that allows for deeper improvement for more experienced practitioners. Ba Fa Wu Bu presents universal fundamentals of Tai Chi and is beneficial to all levels.

I will follow student’s flow to go through the above routine but we might not finish it with section one. I will continue offer more sections step by step to teach more Tai chi routines.